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Quotes of the Year: Runners up

Every year as I work on the top quotes of the year for The Juggler, I sift through a wide variety of quotes from Pagan authors.  Sometimes they are beautiful; sometimes they are vicious.  I love looking at the words our community has expressed over the years, but every year I have to cut very good quotes from very good people. As I begin this blog, I’d like to add a few brief posts featuring some of the quotable Pagans who almost made the top 10 list this year.

There was this one from Crystal Blanton:


“What a beautiful thing to look back upon the faces of the brave, and know that I have been gifted this chance at life because of those who’ve been willing to lay their lives in front of the bullet for justice.”

– Crystal Blanton, December 5

Crystal is always at the forefront of challenging the Pagan community on race, social justice, and inclusion.  Here she opens up about the funeral of the great Nelson Mandela.  She also took December to problematize Megyn Kelly’s “Santa is White” comments.

Or this one from Sam Webster:


“Love, mercy, compassion, care, kindness give value and joy to all we do. But is not a solution to our problems. Our problems are from bad choices, from promoting the stupidity of selfishness over general wellbeing.”

– Sam WebsterNovember 27

Sam has gift for words.  He has the  uncanny ability to tear anything apart with his weapon of choice.  I have sat in many of his lectures and marveled at his ability to cut directly to the linguistic heart of the matter.  In this instance, he calls the Pagan community out for trusting in “love” as the magic that can solve any problem.

Finally, there was this from “Raise the Horns” author Jason Mankey:


“It often feels as if we Pagans are far more likely to share an article that undermines Christianity than we are to share something written by Pagans for Pagans. That bothers me as a Pagan writer of course, but it also bothers me as a Pagan because I feel as if it hurts Pagandom long term”

– Jason MankeyOctober 13

Goddess, that is true.  Jason is a young, dynamic force of the modern Pagan movement, and his words remind us that we need to stop convincing ourselves of the problem of other faiths and start discussing our worldviews with each other.  Only then can we unite as a strong and loving religious movement.

I may post some other quotes I had to cut from my Top 10 article over the next few days.  If you’d like to see this year’s list, go over to my newest annual post on The Juggler.