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Weird Science: A link roundup

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Science is ever growing and ever evolving. Except perhaps the realm of consciousness, the laws of the natural world may be truly the last frontier. While some experiments may seem silly, they all move us toward a greater understanding of the universe we live in. As pagans, understanding the natural world is often a large part of our spiritual path.

In this series, I want to feature links that come from the intersection of Internet and science. Silly, profound, spiritual, or bizarre: you decide.

1. To the Pain!  11 studies show that people would rather give themselves an electric shock than sit quietly and thin4.k for 15 minutes.  And you thought you were the only one who had problems meditating!

2. Don’t try this at Home:  Liquid nitrogen freezes at such a low temperature that anything it touches freezes immediately and can be cracked like cocktail ice.  So what would happen if you stuck your hand into a bucket of liquid nitrogen?  Find out [hint- his hand doesn’t crack open, and he tells you why].

3. Farting for your Health:  According to researchers at the University of Exeter, smelling stinky farts can help you cure diseases and heal cell damage.

4. Eye-Eating Amoebas: Ever wondered what would happen if you left your contact lenses in?  How does amoebas eating your eyeballs sound?

5. Diet Coke and Mentos, on Steroids:

Everyone knows that dropping Mentos candies into a bottle of Diet Coke produces an immediate Coke explosion.  Watch this guy put on a suit of Mentos an jump into a pool full of Diet Coke!

Photo Credit: IFLSCience


Author: Tim

I am a teacher, a theater lover, and a High Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft. I love to point out the places where the everyday world, arts, science, and religion intersect. I stand for interfaith cooperation and the belief that people of all religions, political beliefs, and nationalities have more in common with each other than differences.

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