Exploring the crossroads of religion, culture, and science through a Pagan lens

Welcome to the Intersection

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After four years of contributing to the Pagan culture blog The Juggler, I’m at a crossroads. It is time to start something new.

The Juggler was one of the greatest blessings in my life.  I got to combine everything I loved about theater and other art forms with my growing Pagan spirituality.  I met wonderful people like Jason Pitzl-Waters, Devin Hunter, and David Salisbury as a direct result of writing for the Pagan Newswire Collective.

I enjoyed everything about The Juggler, but we have lost contributor after contributor over the years.  A new road was inevitable.

So I’m trying something new.  I will still offer feature articles on theater and other aspects of culture, but I’m adding more.

  • I am a firm believer that interfaith work is the key to Paganism’s future.  Until we work hand-in-hand with other expressions of religion in an atmosphere of mutual respect, we always will be those eccentric “others” that no one takes seriously.  I will write about other faiths, exploring or common values and criticizing where all of us fall short.
  • Fine art is one expression of culture, but so is social media, TV, history, and daily news. I have tackled many of these things on The Juggler, but they are always changing, and as they change they say more and more about who we are in this time in this religion.
  • I’m a bit of a foodie.  I love food and drink.  I love to make the right recipe or the right cocktail for the perfect occasion.  I might just share some of the fun, especially around the sabbats.
  • I’m no scientist, but, in the words of the hugely popular Facebook page: I fucking love science.  I look forward to exploring science’s perspective on the world and connecting those findings to the Pagan worldview.


Alright, here goes.  I’m at the intersection.  The light is about to turn green.  Before it does, I evoke the words of Jon Bon Jovi:

Oh Patron Saint of Lonely Souls

To tell this boy which way to go

Guide the car, you got the keys

Farewell to mediocrity

Kicking off the cruise control 

And turning up the radio

Got just enough religion

And a half a tank of gas

Come on, let’s go….


Author: Tim

I am a teacher, a theater lover, and a High Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft. I love to point out the places where the everyday world, arts, science, and religion intersect. I stand for interfaith cooperation and the belief that people of all religions, political beliefs, and nationalities have more in common with each other than differences.

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